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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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joining us foour middanewscast.c good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. let's get to breaking news that could impact where you are headed. mike is tracking a crash that's shut down lanes of a major south bay freeway. >> we'll take you to the map. it's the south bay freeway. it's a critical connector. southbound highway 101. the slowdown has already started. this happened within the last half hour. only one lane is open at or just before 880. overturned big rig reported. the tractor and the trailer over on its side there. i wanted to move the sign so you can see. this is the location of the san jose international airport. you're jammed up after you pass the highway 87 cutoff.
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you're jammed toward the 880 interchange, just shy of the interchange, four lanes blocked by the overturned trailer. we don't know exactly what is going on at the moment. we know six chp cruisers have arrived on the scene. if you're trying to make the connector you will not probably make it. it's about 20 feet away from what i understand. exit at first street. if you're coming down 880 get toward brokaw, first street. this takes you past the seen or get on northbound or southbound 880. our chopper is headed to the seen and more details will come in. i'll stay with you and we'll talk about this. again, southbound 101 blocks four lanes of five. only one lane gets by. you can use first street through city streets to get you around this. we'll continue to follow the situation. that's the only thing going on for the south bay. everything else is moving well.
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investigators are sifting through what's left of the burned-out oakland apartment building that was under construction which was destroyed in a massive fire. pete suratos is live at the scene. pete, you just talked with the property manager. are they any closer to knowing what may have happened there? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and, no, at this time we still don't know what caused this fire. i did speak to the property manager, and he is devastated when he looks at this unfinished structure. he tells me it was a similar structure fire in the east bay that made him take extra precautions for this project, but it simply wasn't enough. the scaffolding from the five-story structure is still leaning on nearby buildings, more than 24 hours after a massive five-alarm fire burned down a majority of a soon to be apartment complex up the street from oakland's lake merritt. i spoke with the man in charge of the property seen here
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speaking with oakland fire, he was distraught. >> we're very satddened to see what's happened. despite efforts to prevent this eventuali eventuality, failure has taken place. >> reporter: they saw what happened in july, a six-alarm fire taking down another unfinished structure. security was on-site when his property went up in flames yesterday morning. but it wasn't enough to prevent it. >> so we were paranoid about making one and every effort on a daily basis, and still it's not good enough. >> reporter: he estimates millions of dollars in damages to this building that was about 80% complete. now an uncertain future as far as what will happen next. >> we don't know what the process is and how long it's going to take or what the difficulties are that we are faced with. but we will try. >> reporter: you see there an
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aft agent. the department of alcohol tobacco and firearms will help arson investigators with the investigation moving forward. as for the oakland fire crews, they'll stay here until at least about 1:00 p.m. to continue to look for hot spots in this massive structure. live in oakland. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. glamour magazine released its women of the year awards. the recipients the survivor of a high-profile sexual assault on stanford's campus. the victim continues to remain anonymous. brock turner, the former student and swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting her was released after three months in jail. her powerful statement ignited a national conversation about rape culture and sparked new state laws here in california. we posted more on the story on other home page on the roads you drive on every day, not so good attention that they're receiving this morning. a new report out finds that our
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hiways and roads are some of the most deteriorated in the country, if not the worst in the country. nbc bay area's rick boon has been sifting through the study the last couple of hours. rick, you're out there this morning. the bad roads are costing drivers a lot of money. >> reporter: they are costing them a lot of money, sam, and not good for their cars. because you have to figure out what do you do? repair them or get a new vehicle all because the roads are a little bit bumpy. enough talk. let's get on out here. my camera guy, we're on 21st street here north of downtown. just hit a pothole right there. we're about to turn onto jackson street and head towards japan town. these roads in this area, just one of an example of bad streets out there. this, by the way, is a long list of roads here in the area. according to the study from the national transportation research group, they say 59% of san jose roads rank high for poor quality. the group claims that it's
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costing drivers almost $900 a year in vehicle repairs. now, some of the streets have a lot of seriousness for drivers out there. it's costing them all that money a year. some have a lot of potholes, uneven surfaces and deteriorating and crumbling asphalt. it's causing talking about high gas prices, ruining your tires. the group suggesting more funding. the group is indicating that the state and city need to put some money out there. they are saying that san jose is not always the worst on this list. it's not. actually, the worst on this list, san francisco and oakland, also who made the list, smaller cities. concord, antioch, stockton. sa santa rosa and mow de desta. this is 19th street.
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pretty much wherever you go you'll hit uneven roads. a lot of the cities in san jose have a lot of hotlines set up where you can call to report uneven roads. this is a roller coaster. i don't know if you can see it on the camera but it's a roller coaster. contact the department of transportations in most of the municipalities in your areas to let them know so they can get on top of it as much as possible. it's up to us to report the problems. happy driving, safe driving. make your commute a smooth one the best you can. we're living driving along north downtown san jose, rick boone, nbc bay area news. hoping for a smoother run. back to you, sam. it won't be a smooth ride, though, if you're trying to get around 101 and 880 because there is a big rig that has overturned blocking almost all the lanes of traffic, mike. >> chopper is overhead, showing the rig.
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the tractor-trailer. one heavy duty tow. they have the stabilizers out under neath the truck. this is designed to pick up a heavier vehicle. we may need more than one of those. oftentimes they'll pull the cables toward the rig and try to right it. they usually need a couple of those to keep things steady. and depending on whether or not it was fully loaded, the sides of the trailer are often thin and can't necessarily handle the load that was filling their capacity. we'll see as the crews give us more information how much is on here and whether or not they have to off-load and the status of what's going on here. doesn't look like a fuel leak, but we're not on the scene. chp trying to make sure people get by. the hov lane getting by. one big rig tow before the 880 interchange southbound 101 right where the roadway has the on-ramp from southbound 880 as well. they've also closed the connector ramp there. we see some sort of dirt.
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looks like a spill as well. that looks like it's dried there. we're looking for fuel or oil. a little bit of spillage. southbound 101 at 880. get off at first and take it toward the nimitz freeway. that will be a problem for folks on the bayshore freeway. what's been essentially a week of pretty bag big-rig accidents. the latest one as mike was pointing out on 101 south. the roadways are really wet this morning. when i was out there for the morning newscast. rob mayeda, things looked drier. >> earlier today we had pretty heavy downpours come through. a view of the golden gate bridge commute right now. dry roadways and clearing skies around san francisco. up to 62 degrees. san jose a different story, at least around the hills. still a few scattered showers. right now, 61.
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mostly cloudy skies. and the best bet to find a lingering shower or two will be areas east a south of downtown san jose. as we see on the radar view, most of the widespread showers have moved to the east. between now and 3:00 this afternoon, napa county, parts of the hilltops around santa clara county seeing a slight chance of an isolated shower. then, after today, the only chances we'll see rain in the next seven days, you'll see it here. mainly light rain totals. we're trending to below average rain chances ahead, and the highestens chhig highest chances of seeing rain will be in the north bay. word on a warmup in the 7-day forecast coming your way in a few minutes. >> rob, thank you very much. how about some uplifting transportation news. new at 11:00, you can soon fly to london on british airways. starting in march they'll off
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three nonstop flights four days a week. it operates two flights a day out of sfo. tlrts are on the look outfor two thieves who robbed a woman of her jewelry using pepper spray last night. palo alto police tell us the robbery happened after 7:00 in an alley in downtown palo alto. one man sprayed the woman in the face and the other man ripped here jewelry off her body and took off. because the suspects were wearing hoods, no sketch. new this morning, can  california voters snap a ballot selfie at the election. turns out, after all, you may be able to. we might get some closure on this issue after the aclu filed a lawsuit against california's secretary of state charging that voters should be able to take pictures at the polls. a federal judge in san francisco
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will hear the case tomorrow, and it is a sticky subject because california lawmakers passed a ban on ballot selfies, only to repeal it a few weeks ago. but the repeal doesn't take effect until january. the aclu argues this is a first amendment issue. it wants a temporary restraining order on the selfie ban through this election. for background, roughly about the same number of states do and do not allow ballot selfies. now you have all the information on that. >> just when you thought the election couldn't get stickier. up next at 11:00, we'll check the latest numbers on wall street. and back out to breaking news. that's the sound of our chopper over the big rig crash blocking all by one lane of southbound 101 just near the 880 connecter. mike inoye has tips to get you around. you'll want to hear his full report.
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good morning, folks. this is the seen of the overturned big rig. better news at least.
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we see two tow trucks visible in this shot. this is southbound 101 just before the 880 offramp. this is blocking the on-ramp from 880 to get onsouthbound 101. traffic is jammed up for a good distance. for now, kris, back to you. it is apparently easier to get an uber or a lyft to pick you up if you are a man or if you are white. researchers from stanford, m.i.t. and university of washington sent passengers in seattle, washington to hail nearly 15 hadn't rides. african-americans had to wait up to 35% longer for an uber or a lflt in seattle. in boston uber drivers canceled twice as frequently for african-american sounding names as compared to names that sounded white. women were also more likely to be taken for longer rides in boston, while not addressing the study specifically both companies said they do not tolerate discrimination by the drivers. kris, it's hugged the corner
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of san carlos and ray street for many years. now a san jose staple is closing its doors for good. mel colin's sporting goods opened in 1946. it was known for renting tents to people. it spent decades in that location. the owners say the building needs massive renovations and the cost was too much so they sold the land. >> it's always been in the family since i was a kid. it's hard to see it go. we've been working at it hard. it's time to shut it down. >> the owners say they plan to close sometime before the end of this year. the stock market this morning, mixed. we'll be looking to get you updated on the latest numbers from the dow, nasdaq and s&p. stay tuned for that. first, let's talk a little emojis. there are some new ones headed to phones everywhere.
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>> believe it or not, soon you'll be able to text someone an avocado. scott mcgrew, how do they pick out what they're going to make in emojis? >> would you believe there is actually a committee called the unicode committee. i totally want to sit in on one of the meetings to understand how they pick these. if you use apple you'll see the emojis in the next version of ios. there are 72 in all. one of the more popular ones will be the face palm, the shrug that you see in texts and lots of new professions as well. on a more serious note, i want you to see a video from the insurance institute for highway safety. wow! that silver car is the least expensive new nissan you could buy in america. the red car is the least expensive new nissan that you can buy in mexico. and look at the devastation of that red car and what happens to
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the driver. so the illustration here is, both brand-new nissans, different places you can buy them, different governmental requirements. the i.i.h.s. is not a government agency, but, guys, i think the sub-text here is our safety standards are much stronger, and you certainly see it in that video. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. well, today is officially the start of no-burn season at ocean beach in san francisco. to get the word out park rangers symbolically doused the flames in a fire pit yesterday. the fire pit -- the fire ban is in place through golden gate national recreation area in order to help those winters spare the air days. fire season will not start again until after the new year on march 1st. it's been an interesting last month or so. we've been ravaged by wildfires. then all of a sudden a string of storms sweeping through. now a few days of a break. >> all the heavy rain, you could
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argue helped to shut down northern california's fire season given we've seen the fifth wettest october on record for california, going all the way back to 1895. more on that coming up in the next half hour. changes coming to the coast. things turning calm in terms of the rain. wave heights, 9, 2, 14 feet. the buoys off half moon bay. a storm comes in wednesday to thursday that could push a 10 to 15 swell to the coastline. beach hazards alerts may go up on thursday as the surf begins to build. the coast is quite literally clear right now. 59 degrees. no showers around ocean beach. a different view and a gorgeous one at that. tahoe north star. this is where our weather system was earlier this morning, over the bay area. now over the sierra. you are seeing a few scattered snow showers above 6,000 feet, and still for the bay area a slight chance around napa county
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and the hills of the south bay. heading into the afternoon, you see it right there. 1:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon some of the hilltops may still see a stray shower. gradually clearing skies. wind-sheltered valleys tonight could wake up to low 40s around the north bay. so lose the umbrella and find a winter coat. it will be a chilly and clear start with patchy fog. highs today upper to mid 60s with partly cloudy skies. mid 60s, san francisco to santa rosa. the rain chances moving to the north. thursday, friday, to saturday afternoon. expecting no rain until about saturday night and sunday. that will be our next chance of rain. and most of the significant rain will fall in the north bay saturday night into sunday. in the meantime, temperatures climbing during the day, close to 70 in san francisco there on thursday, and valley spots too. we'll see the temperatures begin
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to climb. mid 70s possible by thursday and friday. that's our one chance for finding some rain. last two weeks, rain every 36 hours. now that is the one chance of rain. we'll see saturday night into sunday. a reminder, the time change as we fall back. you gain one hour of sleep sunday morning. maybe enjoy a few extra showers on sunday too. that is the one chance of rain coming up. we'll look more closely at the october rainfall totals and why they're especially impressive here and statewide in the next half hour. back to you. >> after halloween this week we could all use an extra hour of sleep. >> thank you. hallelujah. more on the breaking news that we are tracking at this hour on the roadways. we'll get you that in a few minutes. >> that's on 101 southbound. first, as rob mayeda was telling us with all of the rain ballots counted october ranked as the fifth wettest on record in the last 122 years. we have a full breakdown on our
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facebook page. a little girl was disappointed she would not be able to trick or treat on a cross-country flight. all that changed thanks to her dad's elaborate surprise. you can see that story on nbc bay area. another postpomt in the sierra
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have run away.hheshe may yet another postponement in the sierra lamar case, addressing whether or not she may have run away. lamar disappeared on her way to
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high school in morgan hill four years ago. the murderer is accused of killing her and hiding her body. he's linked to the disappearance through dna testing. attorneys are claiming that lamar was a run away. they claim she wrote about it in a notebook. prosecutors say it's not her handwriting. the notebook was taken from her school locker after she disappeared and they say, it's, quote, an obvious prank. the judge will rule on the notebook next month. we're expected to learn more about the shooting death of a fresno sheriff's deputy. he was not accidentally yesterday. few details are being released. as of right now we don't know whose gun it was or why it went off. the deputy died at the hospital last night. his name is not being released at this time and the department is expected to hold a news conference later today. we have reported on stolen
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guns leading to other crimes, but now we are uncovering where many of those guns are coming from here in california. our investigative unit discovered that retail gun stores are now the targets of thieves and gangs looking to score a quick cache of weapons to then sell on the streets. tonight at 11:00 we talk about gun store owners about some of the extraordinary efforts they are going to to protect themselves. >> why go to these extremes, these lengths? you're doing the responsible thing. there are many gun store owners who don't. >> it's less about the money. it's more about safety and security of the public. we have a responsibility. if we're gun store owners or even gun owners, i think we have to lead. >> also tonight, find out what lawmakers are doing to help solve this problem. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at 1-888-996-tips or send an e-mail to
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a crash on 101 south. one lane only had been open. mike inouye has been tracking it. we'll have more right after the break. to breaki news--mike inoe is trs
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all right. let's get back to the breaking news we are following. a big-rig crash in san jose, kris. >> it's shutting down a lot of the lanes of traffic. >> we have better news. there is more flow of traffic. there is the airport. it's southbound 101, like it says on the sign, just before you get to 880. three of the five lanes are blocked. two have opened. you see the slower drive. if you take 87 you have to get to surface streets. first street is the best avenue to get toward 880 in either direction. here is video from our chopper. there is the overturned rig. we had two tow trucks on the scene. usually they have to work in tandem to clear this.
11:30 am
they've moved the truck to clear two lanes in the southbound direction of 101. they hope to clear another lane perhaps and then they'll figure out if they have to off-load the truck or try to right it. it's on its side. southbound 101. three lanes are blocked. two lanes are open, traveling south on the bayshore freeway toward 880. >> need a couple trucks to right it up again. mike, thank you very much. seven days to go until the election. one weekend from today the americans select a new president. the top two candidates are riddled in controversy. >> as peter alexander shows us, the fbi continues to focus on clinton's e-mails, plus the ties between russia and trump's former campaign manager. >> reporter: battered by donald trump's criticism about her latest e-mail issue -- >> what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> reporter: hillary clinton is looking to get back on offense, taking aim at trump's alleged coziness with russia. >> donald trump should
11:31 am
immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the kremlin and its associates. >> reporter: after the top senate democrat, harry reid, accused james comey of having a double standard, the fbi has launched a preliminary inquiry into paul manafort. he was to be paid $12.7 million in cash for representing a pro-russian politician in ukraine. manafort says none of it is true and says there is no fbi inquiry. a trump spokesperson says mr. trump severed ties with mr. manafort many months ago, adding trump, quote, has no knowledge of any of his past or present activities. also attacking the fbi director for a, quote, blatant double
11:32 am
standard, the clinton campaign, highlighting a cnbc report high righting a federal official saying they did not want the fbi to be the role in the investigation into the hacking. donald trump jr. defending comey from the criticism. >> comey was the greatest guy in the world two or three months ago. now he's terrible and he is a partisan guy. he is not partisan. they just never handed over the evidence they were supposed to hand over. >> reporter: marching into michigan, trump intensified his attacks. >> i have a son named barron. i want to tell you, she is a terrible example for my son and for the children in this country. that i can tell you. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi is barely a day and a half into analyzing the thousands of documents found on a laptop belonging to huma abedin and her
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estranged husband anthony weiner. meanwhile, with just a week until the election, clinton remaining defiant. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> that was peter alexander reporting. election day, as we said, just one week from today. and san francisco is already bracing for possible attempts at voter fraud. later this morning district attorney george gascon will talk about that. measure c would raise allowable building heights and, at the same time, likely halt current development plans for the old val co mall site. sheriff's deputies demanded the
11:34 am
"c" opponents take down the 45-foot tall sign which critics say is how high the buildings may be if it passes. >> measure c, if passed, will also allow homes to be built up to four stories in small, low-level residential communities of this town. >> it's just not true. we'd like to see a combination of entertainment, retail and dining. >> aside from the argument between the pros and the cons, departments say that that sign violates city law and there are plans to fine the anti measure "c" group as long as the sign stays up. there is still time to avoid lines at polling stations this-coming election day. you have until the end of day to apply to vote by mail. you can get your vote by mail ballot by going to your county election office or apply by phone, mail or fax. the race in the silicon valley is not much of a race.
11:35 am
the tech world tends to lean left but not entirely. >> one tech billionaire who is very well known is st. petersburg donald trump. scott budman talks with paypal co-founder peter thiel who shares why he has that support. >> reporter: he briefly took center stage in the presidential race. you may remember him from the gop convention. paypal founder and venture capitalist peter thiel. >> no matter how crazy this election seems, it is less crazy than the condition of our country. >> reporter: speaking on behalf of donald trump at the national press club. >> silicon valley has been kind of ignored in this presidential campaign. >> reporter: but political science professor melinda jackson, saying thiel, a billionaire who helped to launch facebook and palantir, will not be ignored. >> there is a strong libertarian streak in silicon valley and i
11:36 am
think thiel represents that tradition to a certain extent. but, in this particular campaign and with donald trump as the republican candidate, it also gets tied in with these larger issues. >> reporter: some issues thiel admits he is not comfortable with. but -- >> we're voting for trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> if you are looking for just the facts on the major issues, don't forget to check out our non-partisan voters' edge guide. go to, put in your zip code and get informed about the issues and the races and ballot measures specific to where you live. >> there are so many this time around. the battle still brewing over whether the niners are going out of bounds in skirting reimbursements of your tax dollars to the city of santa clara. the city says an independent audit finds the team may be breaking city law to use taxpayer money for public safety costs at levi stadium.
11:37 am
the mayor wonders if the city is getting its full share for events like the recent taylor swift concert. the team insists it's playing fair and yesterday handed over some budget documents requested by the city with more than a week -- more on the way later this week. >> is it supposed to be $2 million or should it be $10 million that the city of santa clara is receiving from the stadium? we don't know until we see the underlying financial documents which they've failed to provide for two and a half years. >> if it's not been managed properly, they need to send us a new invoice and we'll pay it like we pay every other bill that comes to us. >> santa clara mayor lisa gilmore says the city is preparing to take over management of levi stadium if the team does not promptly hand over all budget documents. the east bay police department is starting a year-long program to prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries. the pittsburgh police department announced yesterday that it's received a $70,000 grant from the california office of traffic safety. the grant will help fund special
11:38 am
traffic enforcement and crash prevention. the number of people killed and injured in crashes has been slowly rising since 2010, especially when it involves bicyclists and pedestrians. the port of oakland making plans to double in size. right now it spreads over 66 acres, but the port commissioner has approved a project to expand the area to 120 acres. the plan calls for two more ship berths. the work could begin next month. oakland international airport is making it more convenient for passengers to join the tsa pre-check program. i like hearing that. temporary enrollment center opened at the airport today. it will be open for three weeks. that program allows low-risk, pre-screened passengers to make it through security more quickly. passengers can keep their laptops in their cases. you don't have to take off your shoes. enrollment can be started
11:39 am
online. it costs $80 for a five-year membership. let's check in with rob right now. things are clearing up. >> starting to see more sunshine? san jose. it's 61 degrees, as we see storms out across the pacific. might be a while before we see another chance of significant rain headed our way. the latest in our forecast when we come back. plus, the latest on the breaking news out of san jose. a different vantage point now. you can see why the traffic is jammed up so badly as that big rig and its trailer is overturned, blocking so many lanes of traffic. we understand there are more lanes of traffic opened up in the last few minutes. mike inouye posted that to twitter. we'll update you on the full situation in just a few minutes.
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the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer.
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let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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mike inouye itracking a ash we have been dipping in and out of some of the ariel images. breaking news this morning of a big rig crash on 101 south in san jose, just north of the 880 connector. it shut down for a while most of the traffic flow there, kris. >> right. you now can make your way around. mike inouye knows that best because you know the route. >> it's close to the station as well. this is southbound 101. all by the hov lane were closed. overturned rig blocking five of the lanes here if you count the
11:43 am
on-ramp. we had two tow trucks that arrived quickly and were able to pull the truck out of many lanes of the freeway. from what i understand, san jose and chp has been updating the twitter account. i am told on twitter we have three lanes open. but our rick boone is out there. i hear you're talking to chp. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, we're going to get to him in just a second. let me show you this tractor-trailer upside down. on its side up close. my camera guy gets a little bit closer. i have the officer here. why did the truck end up that way? >> we're looking into that now. we have the officers on the scene investigating the cause of the collision. it is possible that speed may have been a factor. this truck was traveling int southbound on 880 and took the transition ramp to 101. driver reported he got to the bottom of the ramp and felt the back of the truck start to shift and went on to its left side,
11:44 am
where we find it here. the single vehicle involved. no other vehicles involved. i believe the driver may have suffered minor injuries, was transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: this gave you a traffic calamity. two lanes shut down. you had a lot of traffic backed up out here. how soon will this all be cleaned up? >> we're looking to have it opened up within the next half-hour. we're righting the truck now. as soon as we have it back up on its wheels we'll be able to clear the truck out of the area, clean up the debris and get traffic moving. >> reporter: any idea what's inside the truck? hazardous materials or anything like that? >> we do not believe there are any hazardous materials. the investigators have spoken to the driver and know what's on board. we have some commercial units here as well who came out to make sure there were no hazardous conditions created out of the collision. >> reporter: officer, thank you very much. the truck is back side up. they have the wreckers in place to get it out of here soon.
11:45 am
he says the two lanes of the 101 at the 880 will be closed at least for another 30 minutes and traffic will continue to throw through a little bit faster. it's coming through a little bit better than it was in the past ten minutes. it's still a little bit of a backup. you'll get through. give yourself a little time. live along the 101 at the 880. rick boone for "today in the bay." >> glad to see you're wearing your safety gear. people do risky maneuvers around crashes. >> rick boone, all things road this morning. appreciate the report, rick. we saw some blue skies. a little bit of cloud cover out there. we have been seeing so much rain the last few weeks, rob. and the october statistics are really strong. >> very impressive when you dig back to 1895 or later. back to 1849. san francisco had 12 days of measurable rain. that's the most we've seen since 1889 when you had 13 days. for the north california coast,
11:46 am
the wettest since 1895. sierra in terms of precipitation, the fourth wettest going back to 1895. the number at the bottom, fifth wettest statewide going back to 1895. northern california coming through big-time in terms of the rain totals. the bay area included. you see the difference between this year and last year. at this time last year, the bay area had less than .1 inches of rain even in a strong el niño season. this year so far, more than a half foot of rainfall. almost 200 to 364% of average. well above where you expect to find yourself starting off the month of november. not adding to it in san francisco. pretty view. sunny and 62 degrees. a few hilltop showers still possible to the east of downtown where it's 61 degrees. a pretty view from tiburon. north bay hilltops could see a chance of a few showers through the afternoon.
11:47 am
a bit breezy right now. winds about 5 to 10 miles per hour. the satellite radar shows you most of the action has moved to the east. that's the trend of the day. for the afternoon. south bay, north bay, hilltops a few stray showers. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s as things dry out. from here high pressure builds in. this will lead to a warming trend. thursday into friday, warmest temperatures coming up thursday and friday. our next chance of rain coming in saturday night into sunday. north bay will see the most of the rain coming up. instead of what we just saw for the last month with rain coming in every day and a half, one rain chance to follow us into the weekend. saturday night into sunday. san francisco, highs approaching 70 there on thursday. and inland spots, mid 70s for the second half of the week. patchy fog. cool mornings. next chance of showers next sunday. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. coming up, nbc bay area
11:48 am
responds. >> when some international flights are late, passengers get cash. i am consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. frustrating expience wh an
11:49 am
11:50 am
international rline.but. sh nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman who had a frustrating experience with an international airline. but she wound up with more than 1,000 bucks in her pocket. >> at least after all the aggravation. consumer investigator chris chmura explains how she did it and how you can too. >> courtney resnick wrote us after her trip was delayed 27 hours. the plan was to fly from sfo to iceland and land saturday. but that flight was canceled. so courtney did not arrive in iceland until sunday. she and her husband had to eat more than $300 in pre-paid lodging. they lost out on $78 they spent
11:51 am
on extra leg room seats because the airline swapped planes. courtney spoke up and filed a complaint, but it went nowhere. so she called us. after we wrote on her behalf, the claim was approved and courtney's compensation, get this, totaled $1,434.66. here is why it was so much. airlines based in eu must pay passengers as much as 600 euros, up to $650 each when flights are not on time. u.s. air carriers don't completely play by the same rules. flying from here protections don't apply, but they do on the way home. keep that in the back of your mind, world travelers. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-996-tips, or visit tomorrow, trouble with a new camera. and bringing into focus a refund. have a great day!
11:52 am
>> i like it! >> free money. it's a good thing. or money back, i should say. we're following breaking news, kris, big-rig crash in the south bay. >> things are shaping up a little bit better. we'll update you about that in just a minute. we all know safranciscoiant
11:53 am
11:54 am
but his latest 'tis viral vio well, we all know that san francisco hitter hunter pence can hit. his latest hit is a viral video he did far away from the diamond. >> this is ridiculous! how closely he channels his
11:55 am
inner dynamite. check it out. ♪ of course, the dynamite being as in napoleon dynamite. he instagrammed this video for halloween. it shows him recreating the classic cinematic dance number. he also tweeted out a photo of him along with his fiancée' lexis that pretty accurately depicts dynamite's side-kick pedro. >> perfect for election day. the raiders are at the top of the nfl. they were big hits at the children's hospital in oakland as well. a few of the players, including yesterday's hero, seth roberts as superman, hung out with the kids at the annual halloween carnival. nice guys. >> he was the hero this week. he caught a game-winning touchdown pass. he really is superman. >> totally, right? >> totally. halloween night almost over.
11:56 am
it's long behind us, but here are some of the bay area's most famous faces and costumes. riley curry dressing up in her gear. >> so much flair and style. her baby sister ryan is a little elmo. curry's wife posted them on their instagram account. >> mayor brown's two dogs in costume. his dog is doing much better. >> the zuckerberg clan. they went as vikings and a sheep. >> he has a crazy dog. >> a lot of fur going on right there. we have had a lot of problems so far on roadways this week. another big-rig crash you have been watching, mike. thinks getting better on 101. >> we now have three lanes opened, two lanes closed. you see it turning from red to orange. rick boone heard from our chp officer there on the scene. they hope to have all lanes
11:57 am
opened by 12:15 or 12:30. stick it out if you can. stay with us and watch the end of the show. we have some drier roads. >> that's good news. we'll see tampemperatures in th mid to upper 60s today. best part of your weekend forecast, the extra hour of sleep. fall back as you go one hour, get the extra hour of sleep for sunday morning. >> the good daylight save, basically. spring, not so much. >> i am on call this weekend. i am happy to hear that. at least i won't be tired if i am called in. >> a well rested kris sanchez. game six of the world series. cubs or indians? >> it's a tough call. >> i don't know. that will do it for us right now. enjoy the ball game tonight. join us for the 5:00 p.m.
11:58 am
newscast. we'll see you later.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ >> stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, dancing's big halloween extravaganza. welcome to "access hollywood live." >> and it was a tie, three couples got perfect scores. we're going to get into all of the dancing action in a moment. let's talk a little bit about halloween. a great night at your home. fun night at ours. >> it was. we just be thankful it's over. was that the longest halloween ever with the weekend leading up to the monday. >>


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